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embroidery help section
Embroidery setup process
What is Embroidery

Embroidery is your logo turned into stitches through a process called Digitising. Embroidery gives a professional look to your business or brand because it's stitched into a Garment or Accessory, it washes great and lasts a long time. Embroidery can be stitched on all sorts of garments, such as a Polo Shirt Embroidery, Cap Embroidery, Beanie Embroidery, Sweater Embroidery the list goes on and on… Some points to keep in mind with embroidery, are setup costs for personalised embroidery designs and logos. We do have a library of fontsready for text only embroideries.

Embroidery setup process
What is Digitising?

Digitising is a specialised process where we take your design file such as a ‘AI’ or ‘EPS’ file and create stitches from it. This is a complex process and is best left to the people in the know to produce the best results for your embroidery design or logo. We use various stitch angles and stitching types from fill stitches to satin stitches. Don’t worry we got this covered giving you the best results possible.

Embroidery setup process
How to get a great Embroidery

Great embroideries come from vector based files, as they can be digitised easier and quicker than raster image like a jpeg. Vector based designs give a cleaner end result than a full colour raster image, if you zoom into a raster image it will show a blurred edge. We recommend an illustrator file such as an ‘AI’ file or ‘EPS’. If you supply a Jpeg or photoshop file, which is a raster image, this will need need to be redrawn into a format before we can start digitising your custom logo into stitches. This will add to the overall time and cost of the process. We are always more than happy to help you get the best from your logo or design and offer all sorts of advice, but we need to see your design for embroidery first.

Embroidery setup process
How large can I
have my embroidered design?

You can embroider up to ± 260mm x 320mm depending on the garment, accessory and location. Some items are tricky to hoop, but we will advise you the best methods to get the job done as perfectly as possible. Text should always sit above +-10mm to be easily read. But remember your design has to fit onto all your different garment sizes, from kiddies sizes to XXL in some cases, so you’ll need to find a happy medium for the logo size. A large size embroidery is about 240mm± average and a small logo on your left chest is about 95mm±.

Embroidery setup process
How do I get a quote?

We need to see your design or logo first so we can work out an accurate stitch count, from the size and complexity of your design. The more embroidery stitches in your design or logo, the more the overall cost will be. The cost also depends on the garments you want to embroider and your quantity. The more items ordered the cheaper the embroidery cost.

So in summary
Send over your logo and size.
What garments do you want to embroider?
How many garments would you like?


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