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Sticker printers

We can print any size (almost), shape or quantity of stickers you require.

Producing a wide variety of stickers, band stickers, vinyl stickers, car stickers, van stickers, window stickers and much more.
Whether you need just a small quantity of stickers for a small promotion, personal stickers or thousands of stickers. It all depends on your custom order.  We will provide you with the perfect service to fit your requirements.

All of our work is created in house, so we are able to guarantee the quality of all our products to make sure your happy with the end result.

Understanding 'Cut to Shape' Stickers

Cut To Shape Stickers

Cut to shape stickers or die cut cut stickers are great for a truley bespoke stickers.

As you can see from the image to the left the sticker has pink cutter guide running around the outside of the sticker where the sticker will be kiss cut or die cut to the shape you supply.

It's always best to keep the sticker shape smooth, not jaggered as it's easier to peal off the backing film. The images to the right show what we mean when are talking about Die Cut Sticker or Kiss Cut stickers.



Die Cut Sticker can be "punched out" to the shape you would like. So to the image to the right has been die cut in the shape of our character Frank. The possibilities are endless, just keep those cutting curves nice and smooth for a smart looking sticker.


Kiss Cut Stickers are almost the same as die cut stickers, except they remain on the carrier sheet as shown below. They are gently cut to the shape you would like on the carrier sheet and then sqaure edge cut around the sticker. These can be easier to peel off the carrier film than die cut stickers and the finished stuck result is still the same.


These custom shape vinyl stickers are the perfect option for when you really want to pull out all the stops and not to worry, you don't have to order 100's to get a great value sticker deal.

We print and cut on out state of the art print and cut machine, which allows a full colour sticker print which can be cut into any shape required. We use adhesive vinyl which is a plastic PVC sticker and is very durable and so unlike paper stickers these can withstand outdoor conditions and can be wiped for cleaning giving them a very long life. This vinyl comes in a variety of different types, permanent or cling types, a grey back for no "show through" of light or what's underneath and a special livery sticker for the side of vehicles.


We are always happy to help if it's all to confusing, just drop us an email at or simply call us on 01288 275 003