3D Cap Embroidery
3D Cap Embroidery

3D Embroidery: How to do 3d embroidery on caps

To start we have to look at your custom 3D Embroidery design and make sure it’ll work. Make sure the lines in your design are between 3mm and 12mm wide. You can find a whole page on getting the best results  for your logo here with 3D embroidery.

The Steps

Let’s go through the steps of how we create this 3D Stitch effect. Start by using a backing to stabilise and keep the design in register or just neat and tidy. Not all cap require a cap backing it depends on the design. How complex is the design and if the cap has a good structure. For example if the cap is a “Floppy” Dad’s Cap it will need a cap backing. On the other hand if the cap is a more styled snapback streetwear cap it’s most likely not going to need a cap backing, unless it’s an intense 3D embroidery.

Secure the Cap

The Cap is then clipped to the cap frame using strong paper styled clips. The clips help to make sure the cap doesn’t move out of register or pop off the cap hoop. By placing the clips on the mid point of the cap hoop arm helps allow the top of the cap to “Stretch out” a little when it embroiders this section.

If the cap isn’t a 6 panel cap and is a 5 panel cap, the best thing to do is mark the centre of the cap.  I use fabric chalk to make sure the design is centred when the cap is embroidered out. What is the difference between a 6 panel cap and a 5 panel cap? If the cap has a seam running through the front centre of the cap this is normally a 6 panel cap. (from the top to the peak). If there is no seam this would be a 5 panel cap.

The 3D Embroidery Foam

Onto the foam thats helps create 3D cap embroidery. We use a 3mm foam to help create the raised puff embroidery. To cut the foam we use a metal ruler and a blade. A metal ruler is a must, even a safety ruler so you keep this fingers nice and safe. The foam is cut to about an extra 10mm around the actual design to make sure the entire design is covered.

Time to get that custom cap ready for the awesome 3D embroidery. Place the hooped cap on the embroidery machine. Centre the design to your chalked up line, then go ahead and stick the foam on to create the 3D embroidery effect and send it on it’s way – (start the embroidery machine, eh hem.) Really important! Keep a close eye on the embroidery to make sure you catch any thread or bobbin breaks as 3D puff embroidery is a real pain to clean up and try fix.

Cleaning up

The cap has now finished being embroidered out, pop the cap off the machine and somewhere easy to work on the cleaning. Using the cap frame stand is a great idea. Clip it back on the cap frame stand and I can rotate and clean up as I go. Peel the excess 3D embroidery foam in towards the design . By doing this it helps keep a cleaner finished look. Grab a good sharp time pair of scissors and start to push and tuck that foam in. This can take some time so patience is required…

Now that one is complete, time to start all over again!