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Screen printing is when we use screens burnt with the image of your design, throw in some ink, a squeegee and Bam! We have screen printing. Screen printed items are long lasting, wash well and feel great. They are great for events, branded items, club, schools trips the list just goes on.

How it works is we take a design separate the colours into individual possi’s. A possi is a transparent film printed with black ink. So say you have a 3 colour design – black, white and red. Each colour has to have a possi that we burn onto a screen making it a 3 colour print. For every colour you have in your design a possi and screen is required.

Below is brief outline of what is involved in our screen printing process.

Screen Print Design

Firstly we take the design file – such as an illustrator file and make sure the sizing and resolution is correct, so the design prints well.

Seperate Colours

Then we seperate the colours. In this example the design has 2 colours requiring 2 possi’s which make 2 screens.

Possi Printing

The 2 Possi’s are then printed out in black only and checked to make sure they align with one another.

Screen Coating

Time to make the screen, after using 4 different eco friendly chemicals to clean the screens we place a light sensitive liquid film over the screen called ‘emulsion’.

Screen Exposure

We place the first possi on the screen and expose it to a very bright light to ‘burn’ the image onto the emulsion.

Screen Washout

Once it has finished burning, we go to the washout booth and wash the emulsion with water bringing out the design.

Screenpress Setup

After we prep every screen colour we setup the screen printing press, with the screens, aligning them and gettting the ink ready.

Screen Printing

Time to print. We place the garment on the printing pallet, pull the squeegee and the ink is pushed through the washed out design area.

Finished Screenprint

Now the print goes through the oven at a high temperature to cure the ink and BAM! Job done. Well one shirt anyway…

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