Cap 3D embroidery
3D Cap Embroidery

Great 3D Raised Cap Embroidery

3D Raised Cap embroidery can have great results if the design is suited for this type of embroidery. What you have to remember when creating your design for 3D embroidery is the width of your graphic elements or lines. This is one of the most important factors for a clean raised embroidery. The thinner the line where you want the embroidery to be raised the less effect you will have and the more untidy it looks.

We suggest a minimum of 3mm for a line or graphic width as this allows the stitch to give the foam a clean cover of stitches and a more raised effect as an end result. When your graphic line is less than 3mm you begin to get a flat embroidery with the foam looking messy underneath.

When selecting your cap style you want to use, keep in mind the middle seam. This sometimes has an effect on of the embroidery as the centre part of the cap is thicker for the needle to pass through. This will cause the stitches in this area to be tighter making the 3d effect lower. A five panel cap where there is no centre seam work very well for a smooth end result. Caps come in all shapes and sizes, for example some of our yuppong caps can be embroidered up to 75mm high where as a New Era Cap can only be embroidered up to 64mm high. This is because the new era cap hasn’t got the same structure and height the yuppong caps offer.

Have a look at our 3D cap info page for some more tips and if you’d would like a quote on your design.