Vector Hires Example

Acceptable Artwork

Raster Low Res Example

Unacceptable Artwork

A “Print Ready” file is a artworked file that can be used for both the prepress and the printing or embroidery process without the need for any adjustments which could result in additional charges and delays in production time. These files also ensure the best results for your project.

Required File Type

Illustrator File

Adobe Illustrator: Embroidery / Print
Illustrator vetor files produce the best results for screen printing and embroidery and other media. The files can be resized without losing any resolution, detail and crispness. All fonts contained within the files will need to be converted to outlines to prevent unwanted results.
Artwork files should be given to us in one of the following formats: AI, EPS, Vector PDF. Please note: Saving a jpg into and eps file does not make it a vector file.

Photoshop File

Photoshop: Print Only (not Embroidery)
We will accept psd files for print only, not embroidery. These files must be 300 dpi at full print size and in colour layers. If we are required to do additional work to the artwork to achieve print ready artwork your order will incur additional fees.

Accepted but artwork fee will be charged

Jpeg File

Other Acceptable File Types:
We will accept jpeg and tif files. These files must be 300 dpi at full print size. These file types will require additional work to be done to achieve print ready art and will add additional fees to your order.

PNG / GIF / JPEG are flat files and cannot be changed without recreating them. This does take time, but we will supply you with a quote for this.

Tiny Friendly Reminders


To avoid hold ups or incorrect font substitutes, text must be converted to outlines.

Fonts Outlined