The BIG Question.

Will my design work as 3D Embroidery.

Start at the basics – the Column width of your design needs to be between 3mm – 12mm thick

Now having tapered ends as fig 4 – below are fine as we can adjust the embroidery to taper off and trim which gives and awesome result.

Think about what 3D embroidery is – it’s 3D because stitches are sewn over a foam sheet to create the raised 3D embroidery. The thinner or smaller your column width is the more untidy it will be. I’m talking about solid lines under 2.5mm. You just won’t get a clean result if your columns or lines are too thin as shown in fig 1 and fig 2 below.

Some other things to Avoid are embroidering  a design over a 3D area.  This will flatten puff beneath it, because it’s pulling it inwards.

Column widths really matter in 3D Emrboidery. Shown below is a commin problemwhere the column width isto narrow to achieve the effect.

Having column widths between3-10mm is the ideal for a great 3D effect. You can still have tapered ends as shown below (fig 4) with a good finish.

Column / Line Width Guide