Custom Stickers

Artwork Requirements for Custom Stickers

We have an in house Design Team to help if you get stuck.

All files should be supplied to print ready size, for example if you would like your design printed 100mm x 60mm please supply your design at this size.

Cutter Guide

A Cutter Guide is not required for Square, Rectangle or Circular Shapes, however bleed and Hi-Res artwork is still required.

This is a vector line showing where to cut your Custom Stickers out.

If you would like a cut to shape cut out as per the example shown below a cutter guide needs to be placed on a separate layer so it does not print. This line needs to be supplied in a vector format.

Sticker example


Sticker Cutter Guide

Cutter Guide

Sticker example complete

Cutter Guide with Design

File Types

The Cutter Guide must be supplied as a vector file in illustrator either a .ai or .eps file.

The actual design is preferred as a vector file ( .ai or .eps). Alternatively is a 300 dpi High Resolution raster file (photo file) this is to ensure a nice crisp print result. If a lower resolution file type is supplied, the print result will pixellate (blur) and get worse the lower the resolution.  My T Shirt Printers will not be held responsible for low resolution files supplied.

Resolution Stickers low

Low Resolution File 

Resolution Stickers high

High Resolution File 

Bleed Area

Bleed is where the design is extended past the edge of cutter line to ensure the print and cut is uniform all the way around the design without any white showing from blade movement. Please place 4mm bleed all the way around your design.

Sticker Bleed Area

Minimum Cutting Area

The minimum area / width a cut can be made is 5mm. Sticker Size needs to be a minimum of 40mm from edge to edge.


Full in-house design solution

If you need help with your design we offer a full in-house design solution starting with basic help with your existing artwork at £35. If you require more advanced help or are unsure please contact  us on 01288 275 003  or email