Embroidery Service

Embroidery - How we do it

With all our embroidery there is a one off set up costs where we take your logo and turn it into a stich file.

How much does it cost? Well that depends on how many stiches are in you logo. So a large design will have more stitches than a smaller design and cost less. We have to see your design or logo that you would like embroidered so we can work out a accurate stitch count to give you a quote.

Below is brief outline of what is involved in our embroidery process.

Embroidery Design

Embroidery Design

Firstly we take the design file – ideally in a vector format such as an illustrator file. This makes it quicker to import into our embroidery software and makes a good clean image to work with from the start.

Embroidery Digitising

Embroidery Digitising

Then we import the file into the embroidery software and begin to turn your file into a stitch file, making sure all the stitchs and angles are just right. This can be a complex process to make your design look as good as it should.

Embroidery Design

Sample Embroidery Sewout

Once we happy that we have this stitches in the right place we set the embroidery machine up with all the colours in your design and embroider a test sew out to make sure it looks right.

Embroidery Adjust

Sewout Adjustment

If there are any areas we think need attention we take the file back to the embroidery software and tweak any part of the design that isn’t working well.

Sample Sewout

Embroidery Sign Off

Then another sample sew out is run off and we send a visual to you to sign off (if there’s adequate time) before your deadline.

Embroidery Complete

Embroidery Production

Once we are happy or you have signed the embroidery sew out off we begin to embroider the items directly.

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