Please read the conditions below before supplying your own garments.

From working in the decoration industry for long time, we understand why you may want to bring in your own garments for us to print or embroider. We just want you to have all the information to make an informed choice before having garments printed or embroidered with us to avoid any additional costs.

Customer Supplied Garments Must Meet the Following Conditions

  • A Supplier wavier form will need to be filled in, signed and returned to us. This is in case of any mishaps that happen during the decoration process, so we (my t shirt printers) cannot be held responsible for the cost of damage to the garments.
  • All garments must be unwashed and unworn.
  • All packaging removed, card board inserts, labels, stickers, etc. must be removed from garments. If packaging is not removed the customer will be charged an additional 30 pence per garment.
  • Garments may not be folded or bagged. If garments are folded or bagged, the customer will be charged an additional 30 pence per garment.
  • Garments must be clear of debris that will affect the printing process such as dirt/cat/dog hair, etc.
  • Orders that include a colour change (example – 20 shirts have logo in blue print, 15 shirts have logo in green print), should be stacked/ grouped depending on the colour you want printed on your garments. The same applies to caps with thread colour changes.
  • Please ensure there are no obstructions in the garments such as badges / zips / loose flaps as they may interfere with the printing or embroidery process.
  • Material makeup information of garment is required. (example – 100% Cotton, 80/20 Polyester/Cotton, etc.)