Leavers Hoodies
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school leavers hoodies

Leaver hoodies can be a nightmare or in our case it’s a pleasure. We will take all the stress out of your order and make you realize how easy it is. Not only will we design your school, an amazing and funky design, but we have an exciting selection of hoodies with a huge selection of colours to choose from.

Starting with the college hoodie at £11.02 incl vat (blank garment price only) it has 50 colours, so even the fussiest person will find a hoodie. Check out the hidden opening in the kangaroo pocket for your smartphone ear phone cords, what a bonus!

But let’s not forget the varsity hoodie with its contrast hood and lace drawcords, plus 32 colours to choose from. Its only £ 11.89 excl vat (blank garment price only) an excellent price.

And the slim line zip heather zoodie with contrast drawcords and a metal zip, it has to be the hottest hoodie walking. Not only is it a lightweight, its fitted and has 7 amazing heather colours. Its got extra bits like the hidden earphone cord loops in the hood, a hidden opening to thread the cord through. And all for £12.69 incl vat (blank garment price only). What a price!

So back to our receipe for success
You contact us with your order how many you need, how many locations, if you have your own design (we need to see it to quote you correctly). We will email you a quote over and when you approve it, we will invoice you for the payment.
The school collects the monies from the pupils and then pays us. Once we receive payment we can start the ball rolling

We email a few designs and once you have chosen the style we mock it up and email across to you for your approval.
You will receive an order form either in print or digital format and a excel spreadsheet (this has pupils full name details, class details hoodie details – and is the form we will work with). We send you a goodie box containing a couple of posters with the hoodie mocked up, including the price and details. And we will pack some colour charts for the kids to see the hoodie colours. All we need from you is the excel spreadsheet emailed back and the list of all the leavers names going into the design. We will pack each hoodie in a bag and pack to class number – so it’s really easy to unpack and hand out.

*We can send you a sample pack so the kids can see the hoodies and try on for size ( this will be at an discounted rate )

100% brilliant, easy and works like a dream every time.