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Why Did I Do This? Festival Shirts

Well it’s festival time and that means festival shirts. This was our festival of a madness T Shirt challenge. 797 Prints over 450 Shirts, 11 Styles and 7 Colours Changes and i’ll bet you haven’t got a clue what i’m talking about, lets just say lots of festival shirts and lots of colours :-).

Festival Shirts or Event Shirts are great not only do people wear them at the event but they keep wearing after the event has finished which is great for on going marketing. These festival shirts prints for Leopallooza are a great example, simple punchy design in single colours keeping the overall custom t- shirt costs down.

Anyway back onto the Challenge – All in a days work was the goal. To complete almost 800 shirts, multiple colours, in a single day – Bring it on! Here’s the video:

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