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Looking for some Affordable Design Software and Design Tutorials, well I’ve given Affinity Designer a whirl and I have to say i’m seriously impressed! It’s a great alternate to Illustrator which is currently my choice in vector designer software. Affinity Designer has almost all the same functions at a fraction of the cost.

Now what I intend to do is a series of vlog style Design Tutorials with follow along Affinity Designer Tutorials and of course still Illustrator. Most of which i’ll put up the follow along free files to help us all get up to speed in these Design Tutorials.

In the first vlog, we dive right in deep and try recreate a design we all did in a previous illustrator tutorial. This was a lot of fun working through the new tools Affinity Designer offers. Very Similar to Illustrator, maybe a little more hands on, but i’m almost used to it from when I started eh hem, which we’ll just keep quite on that for now.

Anyway, here is the first part of Affinity Designer, enjoy!