Patch Embroidery

Patch Embroidery

Are Patches cool or what! There are so many things and places custom patches can be used, from Iron On Patches, Sew on patches – which I openly admit that i’m not good at sewing eh hem.

With Custom Embroidered Patches likes these, you can have your design embroidered onto a coloured felt and almost cut out to a awesome shape, to make it a really customised patch.

How we create your custom patches works like this. First your design is digitised, this is where we take the graphic elements of your design and turn them into stitches. Creating different angles and stitch types to make your perfect looking patch. The most important part of the patch is obviously getting the patch look, this is the border or the outer part of the patch. You can see in this design we have gone a little bit further than the normal Circle or rectangle and give the graphic a real pop out feel, with the squeegee graphic coming out of the circle shape.

It’s a little bit of a process but well worth it! I’m look how great your custom patch could look! If you are looking for that iron on add on, have a look to see how it’s done in the vlog where we go through from the start on the embroidery all the way to applying the iron on backing.

Have a Great one!