Create Vector Halftones
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Create Vector Halftones – Free Download

Want to create some cool Halftone effects to give your designs the edge, follow this guide

Welcome back! In this tutorial i’m going to guide you through how to create your own vector halftones. Halftones are great for adding a little bang to your design and can even help give shading or a gradient effect to your custom design.

First we need a blank page, and a solid fill colour like black. Next grab you Ellipse Tool (L) and draw a circle at the top of your page, then grab this circle and drag another this circle to the bottom of the page whilst holding alt and shift. Holding alt creates a duplicate of your circle and shift keeps it inline. With your bottom circle selected, hold alt and drag your circle inwards to just under half the size.

Time to make that blend effect, make sure you have both circles selected and hold ‘alt+command+b’ this will create the blend. Now we need to tweek this illustrator blend. Head up to the object tab and drop to blend and then across to blend options. Once the window pops up, make sure preview is switch on so we can see what we are doing. In the Blend options windows, let us change the option from smooth steps to Specified Steps and type in around 35. We basically want the top two circles to just touch one another.

It’s time to make a horizontal row of our dots, select our row of dots and head up to the effects tab and drop down to “Distort & Transform” and across to Transform. Again make sure preview is on and lets make around 200 Copies (selection at the bottom) and in the “Move – Horizontal” section punch in about 9.

Looking cool hey! Let’s take this further. Head up to the object tab and select ‘rotate’, once up type in -30 and hit ‘ok’. Now that’s a awesome halftone effect! The last little detail to do is to convert the dots to editable graphics. Scroll back up to the ‘object’ tab and click on ‘expand appearance’, click ok and BAM! One great set of halftone dots!

Follow along with Mike in the video below.