Large Logo Cap Embroidery
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Large Logo Cap Embroidery

Hey Everyone, hope you all good!

Today is all about how to go about getting the biggest possible Embroidered Logo on a cap. Now let me start by saying not all caps are the same size and will not be able to have the same size logo embroidery. There are limits we have to deal with on pre-made caps, if we could hoop caps flat, we would all be WINNERS!

The cap we using today has a good high front panel and a nice soft fabric allowing more stretch in the fabric. The Cap Embroidery design we are going to use is circular design which normally I would say a safe area is 60mm, we are going to push this to 70mm. With this design, having a few different elements to deal with from flat stitches, classic embroidery to 3D Embroidery we are going to need a good stiff backing. This is to make sure all the cap embroidery elements stay in register and don’t shift the stitching.

When hooping the Cap on the cap hoop clamp, the trick is not to hoop to tight and place the cap or hat clips near the base of the frame. This helps the Cap flex and expand when it hits the arm of the embroidery machine. 

What’s the arm of the embroidery machine? It’s the big part where the bobbin is place, check the video, I’ll point it out. When the Cap hits this point to either stops and totally warps the cap embroidery design. Ease off on how tight the cap is hooped and clip low!

The results of this Cap embroidery on this style of cap are awesome, love it!

Check out the full video below, Have a great one!