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Foil Specialty Screen Printing

On this My T Shirt Printers episode with me Mike, I’ve gone for a foil screen print on an extremely detailed design. Now for specialised prints like these you have to get your screen choice just right in order to get enough plastisol or glue down. So for example I’ve selected a 55T screen as I needed the detail to be kept in the screen whilst still giving me enough screen printing ink passing through the screen to allow the foil to adhere to the screen printed area. The best practice here is to warm your inks up with a few strike offs to get the ink really moving through that screen printing mesh. Once I’m happy with the amount of ink deposit I screen print off a few strike offs for us to test our foil.

With this method of screen printing with foil, you have to leave the plastisol ink wet. This is why you need to be careful when you’ve printed off your strike offs, t-shirts, hoodies or whatever you are screen printing as you have the chance of getting wet ink on garment damaging it… and that’s not what you want at all.

Make sure you have your piece of screen printing foil ready and cut to size, just over the size of your print area. Take your wet plastisol print and carefully place it on the heat press nice and flat. Now it’s time to place the foil over the print very carefully, take your time not to smudge your ink. Keep in mind your want the metallic side facing up, the dull back towards your print.

Set the the heat press to a heavy pressure at 180°C and set your press time for at least 15 seconds. Once all this is Dailed in, press away! Make sure you release the press you do so very carefully so you don’t snap the print. Wait for the print to completely cool down for a ‘cold peel’ meaning wait for the print to be cold so the ‘glue’ cools and bonds. Once the print is nice and cool, slowly peel the foil back off the print area revealing the now awesome foil metallic print, WOW!

All together this is a very time consuming print, as you can see…

Until next time!

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