Curve Text for back of caps

Curve Text – Perfect Back Arch of Custom Caps

Need to know how to curve text or curve type for the back of Cap Embroidery or your Screen Print Design?

It’s really super easy to do. We have created a video to show you the steps you need to take in Adobe Illustrator.

Firstly create a new page in Adobe Illustrator. Create a circle or a ‘path’ either by using the elipse tool or pen tool.

One you have your shape or curve, click and hold on the ‘Text’ Tool shown in the video. You’ll see options for this tool displayed. Now select ‘Text on a path’ tool.

Hover the selected text tool over your custom path or circle and Click! Now you will see text appear on this path and follow the curve of you custom path.

Add your own text and font, centre the text as you would any other paragraph. You can adjust where the text sits with the vertical line in the centre of your custom text.

If you need the perfect curve for caps, you can download it for Free here :