Promotional Caps

Promotional Caps with Embroidery

Today we embroidered out these promotional caps for the upcoming movie Gringo in a hurry to miss SNOWMAGEDDON!

These custom caps came out great and didn’t cost the earth the custom embroider. The cap embroidery logo was simple and clean which didn’t amount to allot of stitches keeping the embroidery costs down on on top of a promotional cap.

Keep this in mind if your looking for a cost effective embroidery on any item from caps to polo shirts, if you logo is clean and doesn’t require stitches above 5000 then you’ll get a really well prices embroidery.

Check out the episode below where Mike goes through the process of embroidering the caps.

See how great they came out. Remember when working with us, you’ll always get to see a sew out of the embroidery first before we go ahead and embroider any items like these custom caps. It’s just the way we work to make sure you will be happy with the final result of your custom clobber.