Halftone Screen Printing
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Halftone Screen Printing Start to Finish

So what exactly is Halftone Screen Printing?

Halftone screen printing is a screen print method where and image / design is printed using dots. Normally this method is used for images that are more raster based (photo like) than vector based (clean lines). Halftones can also be used to give an extra dimension of shading to a design, the large the dot size the more cartoon like the design can look. With Halftone screen printing great results can be achieved as in this video where we wanted a vintage style effect for the custom t shirts.

If you look closely at the design when it’s shown in the video, you’ll see all the dots that make up the design giving it the edge that we wanted to create.  When screening printing this style of print we use a very tight and fine mesh (the silk screen fabric). The helps towards giving a good clean ink deposit on the custom t shirts.

Using Halftones in screen printing can also help reduce the amount of screens required to make up you design. Sometimes we can use the darker colours in a design to add shading. For instance if we have a white, black and grey print we could print the white down first and overlay the black ink with halftones creating black and grey on one screen. This is because in the Halftone area we can adjust the opacity back to block ink from going through the silk screen creating a grey like effect.