Custom hoodie printing
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Custom Hoodie Printing, Cleaner Prints

Looking to get Quality Custom Hoodie prints, there is one import thing every screen printer should be doing.

Custom hoodie printing is great, but one thing you have to remember is that hoodies & Sweat Tops have a thicker fabric than t-shirts so you don’t have that thin surface that t-shirt printing gives you. What we always do with hoodie print is adjust the “Off Contact” of the actual press press.

So now your thinking, well what are you talking about “Off Contact”? The off contact is the space between the fabric (garment to be printed) and the actual screen. As I mentioned before the fabric of hoodies is thicker so before printing custom hoodies we have to adjust the press height. This is so the screen doesn’t press up against the fabric and cause a “blurred” print. By Adjusting the press we can achieve a quality clear screenprint of thicker items such as hoodies and sweats.

Below is a video on some hoodie printing. Enjoy!