Neck Label Printing
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Neck Label Printing

Need to complete your brand image? Have you thought or heard about neck label printing? 

Neck Labelling is important for your clothing, it finishes off your brand identity and gives your clothing line that edge.

Now as most of us know, the majority of garments come with expensive fabric labels sewn into the back of t-shirts, sweaters etc. Neck Label printing is becoming more and more popular in labelling garments due to the cost saving and soft feel in the back of the neck. I mean who wants that hard label sticking in your neck anyway…

As I said Neck Label printing is a great cost saving way to finish the branding of your shirts instead of having labels made in the 1000’s and then sending them off to be sewn into your garments adding more cost into your product.

The trick to cost effective neck label printing is to keep your print to a single colour print with only 1 stroke of ink. Not only does this keep the costs low but also keeps the print soft.

Here is a video on how neck printing is done.